[my happy place 2.0]

okay.  after much grieving and agonizing and thinking, my new blog is up.
goodbye [franticsundays.blogpost.com], hello [noplaceforthinking.blogspot.com].

ill be the first to admit, it's not as catchy as my original site, for reasons i had previously described here (see entry about how i am a cybersquatter).

i've copied my old text blog entries, left out the pics because you can get to them from flickr anyways.  i figure, ill just post new pics and adventures.


i'll be laying my old blog to rest this weekend, and delete the site, and save myself the heartache trying to understand colorful swedish invectives hurled at my direction (note, none have been hurled as yet, but it helps to anticipate these sorts of things.)

please do take a look at the new site: it doesn't quite have that lived in feel yet, and it does look a tad different from the old site i've grown to kinda like.  over time, i'm sure it will be just as comfy, just as cozy as i grow into it, and it grows into me.

the same rules apply: more pictures, less words, and still no brainy stuff allowed.

please leave your thinking caps at the door; these will be returned to you when you leave.

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