if we believed everything that wikipedia and the internet told us ("if it's on the internet, it must be true!"), there is something funky about the number fifty two.
Fifty-two is the 6th Bell number and a decagonal number. It is an untouchable number, since it is never the sum of proper divisors of any number, and it is a noncototient since it is never the answer to the equation x - φ(x).
i'm sure that if only i understood even half of what that meant, i'd be even more exited about the number fifty two.

something i do understand about fifty two is that there are fifty two glorious weekends in a year, fifty two chances for us to do things for ourselves and spend our time as we wish.

ever since i got started in photography, i've been reading and researching as much as i could. one of the things i learned was, it is not about the gear, it is about you and what you do to better your craft.  and nothing makes you a better photographer than actually going out and taking pictures.  frequently going out and taking pictures, thinking about composition, fiddling with light, looking for moments to capture, is what gives your craft a chance to improve and grow and mature.

this is what this is about.  

yes, it is another project fifty two (there must be a gazillion on the web), but this time it is my project fifty two.

standard rules apply: i will post at least one picture a week until i complete the fifty two weeks. these pictures must be taken during the week, and no rehashes of old pics allowed.

fifty two chances a year, opportunities of a lifetime, each waiting for me to seize it and learn from it.

what better time to start it: the new year is just around the corner.  when is a better time to begin? indeed, if not now, then when?

wish me luck, my fifty two chances start now.

sixteen - 2012.04.01  

fifteen - 2012.03.26

"you left a spot"
pattern on our new crib delivered over the weekend

fourteen - 2012.03.18 

"Let's do this!"
spent the weekend making sure tangos went down

thirteen - 2012.03.11
"a blade of grass"
one of a million billion jillion blades of grass in sengkang, singapore

twelve - 2012.03.04
"now that the rain is gone"
a fence around a community basketball court in sengkang, singapore
right after the rain

eleven - 2012.02.26
"the edge between day and night"
a dawn photowalk along a bridge in sengkang

ten - 2012.02.18
"yummy chopsticks"
unexpectedly delicious fried rice

nine - 2012.02.04
"yes, she is"
my wife as the subject of
my experiments with portraiture

eight - 2012.02.04
"look over there"
a bride, a groom, and their photographer taking a quick break,
momentarily distracted by something

seven - 2012.01.28
"a brewing calm"
walked by the marina bay promenade
and couldn't help notice the calmness that surrounded the two friends
as everyone sought cover from the coming storm

six - 2012.01.20
a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite indian restaurants
on the eve of a busy chinese new year

five - 2012.01.08
a baby is distracted by her toys, just as the woman in the background is distracted by her thoughts

four - 2012.01.06
"de profundis"
a small red flower nestled deep within a dark green bush

three - 2011.12.31
"a bend in the road"
a hindu temple in singapore
that seemed to curve along with the bend in the road.

two - 2011.12.25
canon's 17-40.  a second lens i finally decided on after an agonizing amount of research.
looking forward to adventures with this baby

one - 2011.12.18
"i spy with my little eye"
my very first dlsr lens;  canon's nifty fifty.
nothing teaches you better composition fundamentals than a prime.

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