[hello world 2.0]

so let's find out what this thing doesn't do.
set the ground rules, manage expectations and all that.

i started out wanting to learn photography, because i wanted to move forward from looking at pretty pictures to actually making some pretty pictures of my own.

but you know how trees don't make sounds when fall they unheard?  (my personal take on that is when trees fall and no one is around to hear them, they get up, dust themselves off, wait till an unsuspecting passerby is within earshot, and then they try again with greater resolve.  it's all about being appreciated and getting some validation).

so, is a picture still a picture if no one is around to see it?

yes, i have heard of flickr and picasa (shameless: http://www.flickr.com/people/57460793@N06/) but i figured a blog would compliment flickr nicely.  and my wife agreed and thought it was a great idea since i take great pictures and am wonderfully gifted with words.  (i have since told her i wasn't going to let what she says get into my head because she's my wife, of course she's going to heap praises upon me, worship the ground i walk on and make sure my ego is well fed.  it's been a struggle, i can tell you that..)

and so that brings us to, what is this thing anyway?

  • it's a photo blog: short sentences, more pictures. (the sentences will get shorter, i promise).

and what it is not:

  • it's not a techblog: no product reviews, no salivating about the newest gadgets.  (okay, maybe just a little.)
  • it's not a developer diary: that's called documentation and i do enough of that at work as it is.
  • it's not facebook: no minute, detailed updates about what i am thinking, what i am going through, my rants, my raves, who ate what, who married who, who broke up with who, and what is the latest expensive thing that i bought that i want to show all 1,352 of my friends so they can publicly be happy for me but be green with envy deep inside.
  • it's not a diary: having my name on the blog is already a big step,  no innermost thoughts, no ruminations, no reflections, no confessions of secret crushes.
  • it will not wax philosophical: no deep pondering about what is the ultimate secret meaning of  life, and what it has to do with the uttermost Truth of the universe.
  • it is not a political or religious platform: sure i have political / religious opinions.  but those are best kept to myself.  i do not want to get burned, lynched, drawn and quartered, nor do i want to incite rebellion.  this is my happy place, not golgotha.
  • it will not have pictures of cute baby animals, unless i took the pictures myself.

there you go.  nice and clear.  this blog does pictures.

unless i ask it to do something else.

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