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i think that, with some exceptions, (this is something you must realize: there always is an exception, even to the statement "there are always exceptions", as sometimes there are just no exceptions at all), pictures are meant to be shared.

if a tree falls in a forest, does it make the sound of one hand clapping?

just the same, if you take a picture and keep it in a folder, inside a box inside a safe inside a wall and nobody ever saw it, it will probably still be a picture. but what's the point, really?


that said, i am not big on the whole social media scene and i am not particularly keen on sharing every minute detail of how bored i am this minute, while sipping latte at a café in some dismal rain-soaked corner of the universe and that this post is being sent via my blackberry.

so forget twitter and foursquare and tumblr.  i'm not into it and i am not going to be into it for the forseeable future (standard exceptions apply).

but i am in a bunch of places that lets me share my pictures that i think are worth sharing.
i can assure you, these would be far more interesting than reading about me sipping overpriced coffee, or buying something i could not possibly afford.

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