[hello world]

mike test.  hello.  is this thing on?

ever tried something new?  of course you have.  exhilarating, isn't it?

i'm trying something new right now.  yes, blogging is new for me.  and no i haven't been living under a rock for the past decade or so.  i'm a slow starter you see.  i take time to adapt to new things and i like taking things slow.

it took me years to get an email and buy a cellphone, and  one of my friends remarked, "don't you find it strange that you're in IT and you don't have an online presence?"

i did, now that he mentioned it.  but finding something strange and doing something about that strange something are two different things.  i make it a point to ignore any elephants in my room whenever convenient, especially if it is convenient.  heck, i would have ignored gregor samsa, had he woken up in my house (not that he not had gotten the proper attention -- ignored -- when he woke up in his, but i digress).

so finally, after an inordinate amount of time finding it strange that i did not have a cyber presence,  i've taken a teeny tiny step, and created a blog.

actually, not only have i created a blog, but i have managed to: reactivate my flickr account, create a facebook account (actually, my wife created my facebook account, more on that later), and create a blog.

how's that for doing something?   i may take baby steps, but i take lots of them all at the same time (lots of baby steps still count as baby steps).

talk about biting more than i can chew.  but it's a new year (spanking new, barely an hour old), and nothing like starting a new year doing something new eh?

so, hello world, nice to meet you.  mike test, yes this thing is indeed on: let's see where this blog takes me, and see how far along i manage to sustain it.

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