six of fifty two - 2012.01.24

my project fifty two

one thing i realized just recently: when things are going ape-crazy-bananas at work, nothing beats a an excellent dinner.  when you're stressed out, each spoonful is just all the more delicious.

friday marked the last day right before a 4 day weekend.  normally, i'd celebrate a long weekend by planning what sort of video games i'd gorge myself on, and how if i wake up at a little past noon, i'd still be able to get in a good 12 hours of gaming.

things have changed: this weekend had me planning how i'd beat all my deadlines, if i worked just three of the four days, and spent one day comatose and in bed recovering from all the work-induced frenzy.

my wife, being much much wiser than i am, decided i deserved a treat, given that i was going to go and work myself silly over a weekend when everybody is out celebrating chinese new year, and suggested we have a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite indian restaurants, the heritage at suntec city mall.

i just did not have the will power to calmly wait and first take a picture of the food before eating it.  in fact, the waiter had to beat me back with a stick, a napkin, and a pair of tongs as he put the food on our table.

and so, instead of a series of pictures showing dahl and peas pulao, we have just this: a picture of a half eaten plate of dips (the dipee -- some excellent papadam -- was all but a memory by the time i took this picture).

long and rambling story short: a crazy week, and an equally nutty long weekend saw me moping at home and working, and with barely any time to take any pictures (let's hope tomorrow's somewhat different), and i was worried sick that i was going to screw up my project fifty two.  thank goodness i managed to take this quick snapshot.

i am sure as i look back on this some time in the future, i will remember the stress, and the gawdawful chinese new year weekend i had, and i will say to myself, "dang, the butter chicken was really good!"
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