five of fifty two - 2012.01.08

my project fifty two

i chose to post this photo for two reasons.

one: this picture is one of my favorites, because of the play of light and shadow.
two: i was disappointed by this pic, because i wasn't paying attention to the background and hadn't noticed the woman carrying a child.  i thought that that brought an unwanted element into the picture, and distracted from the baby in the crib.

early on (and apparently until now), i had noticed that one of the things i frequently miss out when taking photos, is that i fail to pay attention to the background.

so this is to ping and remind me: when taking pictures, keep an eye on the background.

though, as i stare into the picture more and more, i've come to realize what an apt title "distracted" is:  just as the baby is distracted by the toys hanging on her crib, and as the viewer is distracted by the woman and the child in the background, the look on the woman's face, betrays her thoughts: clearly she too is distracted by something else.

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