right on Q

sunday last week, the wife and i went off and visited her good friends Roger and Rina Quinapondan, off in Bukit Batok, Singapore.

over the years, Rina and Roger have grown tired of trying to teach people how to spell and pronounce their name (i have it on good authority that even their daughter can't be bothered to write down her last name), and so for everyone's sake, we just call them the Qs.

the Qs live in a far flung corner (relatively speaking.  we're talking about singapore here) of singapore.  after a long train ride where we (a) got lost; (b) got off at the wrong station; (c) got lost again near their apartment block, we finally arrive and are greeted by their youngest bundle of joy, Miguel Q.

precocious in his tiny, newborn sort of way, Miguel instantly charmed my wife who promptly took Miguel in her arms and oohh'd and ahhh'd and giggled incessantly.

Miguel, apparently, was used to and bored by all the attention and shameless fawning, and promptly started giving us hints that it was his nap time.

and with a quick lullaby, Miguel was soon sleeping like, well, like a baby.

at which point it was time to oohh and ahhh and fawn shamelessly over their daughter, Yezabelle, instead.

children are smart.  i'm sure she knew it was her turn.  but she played coy at first, pretending to prefer to watch TV over speaking to us.

but soon, she realized that a photo op was in the works, and ran off to her room.
i thought she was shy and did not want her photo taken (because pictures take away people souls!).

it turns out, she wanted to get herself ready and looking like a proper young lady and had run off to her room to comb and brush and preen and groom and put on some bling.

after some minor coaxing to stop being so shy (a true diva does not throw herself at the camera.  she will be ready when she's good and ready), Yeza immediately got in the mood and gladly posed in front of the camera.

everybody soon got into the act (Miguel had woken by then) which allowed us to get a nice family picture too.

Thank Q, Roger, Rina, Yeza and baby Miguel for a wonderful sunday afternoon.

It was a great way to spend our time: myself taking pictures, my wife catching up with old friends, both of us getting a chance to meet new members of the Q family.

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