christmas 2011

december 2011.  our second christmas as husband and wife.
for some reason, when it comes to our christmas dinner, pasta and ham are pretty much standard stuff: we had pasta and ham last year, and it's more of the same this year (who can say no to pasta and ham anyway?)

this year, we're having glazed black forest ham with pineapples

and some linguine with tomato basil with swedish meatballs

what's christmas without some chocolate truffle log cake

and some cranberry and cashew cereal bars to round everything up.
(for some reason, this was on our dinner table this year. don't ask why.  i don't know either.  i just take the pictures.)

a modest spread this yultide season for the missus and i but certainly more than enough food for the two of us.  (look at all the chocolates: it was more of a sugar overload than dinner).

it's been a good year for us, and we have had much to be thankful for.
happy holidays everyone: a peaceful and joyous yultide season to you and your loved ones.

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