[it's not dead, jim]

a quick post today, after ages and ages of silence.

i've been busy: certainly that much is clear.  it's been an insane-kind-of-crazy past few months for me: lots of changes, resulting in lots of work, which meant a lot less time for lots of things.  this hiatus has been an unintended one: i could have used the distraction of a blog, but just really did not have even the time to catch my breath.

the past few days i have been trying to build up momentum and started looking at my blog, or what has become of it.  the bright orange that it once was is now gaudy and painful to look at.  and as with most things, i have been meaning to change it, without actually daring to.

sometimes blogs change in mysterious ways: i actually clicked a wrong button, and saved when i should have cancelled, and now we have this: a bright, new, white slate.

not quite tabula rasa: i did not want to throw away what the year has been (it's been a paltry 44 entries, i know; i manage what i can), but i did want to move forward and sometimes a cleansing of sorts is just the way to do it.

a new year, a new look to what has been a welcome and much needed source of no-thinking-time for me.

the new year is half a month away, and it is great to be celebrating it in advance with a new look, and half-dreamed promises of new adventures.

see you all in 2012.

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