[fifty two]

nothing gets us started on a new project like the way a new year does.  new years resolutions are a perfect example: they start out fine the first couple of weeks, and then all enthusiasm just slowly, inexorably leaks out and escapes like air out of a balloon.

my blog too is a good example: i had started it in January 2011, religiously posting entry after entry until it fell into a coma and all but died in September.

not that i do not have excuses (i have all sorts of excuses if you have the time), but i guess that is just the way things are: we start something but lack the will to see it through.

this year, i am going to try again.  i've restarted my blog, swapped in a fresh new look and spent hours wracking my brain thinking(!) about what to do with it.

the result of all that nosebleed inducing activity: my project fifty two

that's right folks: i've bit the bullet and made public my plans to do something i have horribly failed in in the past: to finish something that i started.  truly, i am lousy when it comes to following stuff through.

on pain of online embarassment and at the risk of further sullying my already terrible reputation: i've embarked on a photography project to post fifty two entries, each containing at least one picture taken on each of the fifty two weeks of the year, no rehashes allowed.

in one of my future lucid moments, i am sure i will wonder, "what was i thinking?!".  maybe that is the problem, isn't it?  maybe i shouldn't have thought in the first place, and left my poor comatose blog alone.

at least it wasn't a project 365.

wish me luck, hope you're still around after 52 weeks.

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