[i wonder if they've deleted my account?] - 2012.12.23

ah, that's good that they haven't.

glad to see the place is not completely abandoned; there's a fair bit of dust and cobwebs but there's a small flicker of activity here and there and my statistics graph twitches every now and then.  sure, corpses sometimes twitch too, but a twitching blog is a completely different thing.

it looks just as i had left it, save for a few forgotten things, some broken promises, and a somewhat tattered reputation maybe.

it's not all bad, all things considered: 16 weeks, and i had number 17 lined up and ready to go.

then things changed in a major way.  a perfect storm of events resulting in a cataclysmic upheaval.

that's a good way to put it:  i went through a perfect storm of changes.

you know i won't go into details but i will say that i missed my happy place.
and i will say too, that it's that time of the year again when i need to scratch the itch to start something new.

i love starting stuff.  i love doing something new.  i love the energy, i love the excitement, the giddy freshness of beginnings.  

and i still love taking pictures, and writing stuff about the pictures i've taken.

and i certainly, i would love to somehow find the momentum to see things through.

and i hate leaving things hanging and unfinished: it's like feeling a sneeze coming on, and then your nose changes its mind halfway through.

and so i will start again.  another fifty two weeks.  another fifty two pictures.

i probably won't have time to have the place redecorated and spiffed up in time for the new year, but i will subject myself to another round of potential and probable embarrassment by saying that i will be at it again: another project fifty two, another attempt at beginning something i know i have a snowball's chance in hell of finishing.

here's hoping i at least get past number 16.

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