ten of fifty two - 2012.02.18

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.
George Bernard Shaw

the wife and i were at a fair this weekend, trying to snag a bargain or two.  after what seemed like forever, we finally crawled our way out of the frenzy (if you've been to a fair or a sale in singapore, you know that any time you walk into one, you are walking into a bloodbath), dignity and wallets barely intact from all the haggling and begging, swearing and hairpulling.

surviving a life changing experience like that always has a way of working up my appetite, so after gathering our wits and what was left of our dignity about us, we shambled weakly towards a group of restaurants.

a quick look at the menu of one of the newer restaurants was all it took to convince us give the place a try.  it was a chinese fastfood-ish sort of place with a perky name, yummy chopsticks.

i wish this was a longer story with more pictures, but after ordering and getting our first dish (vegetarian fried rice), i lost all willpower to take pictures.  i took one picture.  exactly one picture. and once i tasted the food i promptly put away my camera and just started stuffing my face.

to say that the food was awesome is an understatement.  my wife and i pigged out while attempting to pretend to have a conversation in between shovelling spoonfuls of food into our mouths.

after the carnage, i could barely move. i took a look at our table, at the large swath of destruction in our wake, and, as i look back on it, realized that we probably had eaten enough for a small starving village.

finally we managed to waddle our way out of the restaurant, stomachs full, sated but at the same time still wanting more.  we weren't in the mood for anything much more after that (though i wanted to stuff my face even more), gadgets and sales and massive discounts notwithstanding.  at that point, all i wanted to do was pass out and have a nice long nap.

you call it gluttony.  i call it an appreciation of good food.

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