somewhere i have never travelled

somewhere i have never travelled
gladly beyond all experience
your eyes have their silence;

-- [e.e. cummings]

so on to a third round of teasers, with three pictures again.
and three lines too, from a poem that blew me away when i first read it.

i remember the poem, because i remember too the sensation of being struck by something so beautiful, that all brain activity stops, your jaw drops, and you (re)discover religion.

i know i did, because at one point in our trip all i could mutter, again and again, was "oh. my. god."

and so more clues: we did go some place we have never been.  the strangeness makes it exciting: seeing new places, trying new things brings an altogether different kind of rush. we travelled across foreign landscapes and heard unfamiliar words (though every now and then our reverie would get cut by the occassional mcdonald's).

indeed, it was an amazing experience.  my wife had called the place enchanting and
she could not have described it better.  i'd have said a word or two in agreement, had i managed to pick up my jaw from the floor.

all throughout, the place made me feel like i wanted to keep something of it with me.  Other people buy souvenirs. i took a thousand pictures, and that's after throwing out the bad ones.

the poem blew me away when i first read it: there was nothing quite like it, in the way it flows and speaks.  i had never seen language crafted, molded and shaped like that.

likewise there is nothing quite like the place we had snuck away to.  

it truly was adventure: at times it was intense, and others, laid-back.  it made me forget, but also helped me remember.  coming here felt like crossing a threshold and discovering a secret kept on the other side.

it's been fun, all this teasing.  i think enough mystery has been built.
but enough stoking now, no more teasers because third time's the charm and the teasing has to stop.

wanna guess where we snuck off to?

you have (you guessed it) three guesses.

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