the ones that got away

that would be us, my wife and myself.
we're the ones that got away.

or i should say, we're the ones who went on a quick weekend getaway.

quite obviously, this entry's just a quick teaser.  
you can think of it as antipasto, something to whet the appetite.

i think of it as a way of buying myself some time.

we just got back from wherever it is that we went to, and i had dumped more than a thousand photos into my laptop and i haven't gotten around to even sorting the pictures out.  and i have not posted anything for more than a week.  bad blogger.

hence, a teaser entry.  i get to post an entry and absolve myself of whatever guilt has been burbling, and you get a picture.  it wouldnt be a proper teaser if it was any more than that.

so, come back next week.  hopefully by then we'll have more pictures, more stories, more clues as to where we actually got away to and what we got away from.

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